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Connectors & Accessories

5-Pin Male Mini-Style Connector to a 2mm JST Connector

5-Pin Male Mini-Style Connector to a 2mm JST Connector

An ideal solution for connecting DeviceNet into products with limited space.


  • 5-pin DeviceNet compliant male mini-style connector
  • 100V max, 2A max
  • 22AWG wires
  • 5.25" or 12" standard lengths (Other lengths available upon request)

5-Pin Male PCB Mount Micro Connector

5M-MIC-PCB Series
5-Pin PCB Mount Micro-Style Connectors

These low-cost 5-pin M12 micro connectors are a great match for almost any application. Commonly used in factory automation, process control, industrial instrumentation, and commercial electronics, these connectors are an ideal replacement for your current pricey DeviceNet connector.


  • IP 68 protection, 60V, 4A
  • DeviceNet compliant
  • Available straight (5M-MIC-PCB) and 90 right angle (5M-MIC-PCB-R) PCB mount solder pins
  • Direct replacements available for:
    • Binder: 99-3441-200-05, 99-3441-202-05
    • Phoenix Contact: 1694211 (SACC-DSIV-M12MS-5CON-L180), 1694224 (SACC-DSIV-M12MS-5CON-L90)

Custom connector assemblies

Custom Connector & Cable Assemblies
Build to Order Custom Connector Assemblies

Huron Net Works has a long history of providing custom connector assemblies to meet a variety of needs. Simply specify the target connections, wire colors & AWG, and length. Whether you only need a couple for your latest prototype or thousands for production, let us help you connect from point A to B!


DeviceNet Open-Style Connector Color Code Label

DeviceNet Open-Style Connector Color Code Label

These easy to follow labels will take the confusion out of wiring up standard DeviceNet open-style connectors.


DeviceNet Open-Style Multi Port Tap

DeviceNet Open-Style Multi Port Tap

Huron Net Works' DN-TAP offers an open-style multi-port tap for DeviceNet interconnect with convenient features ideal for developers.


  • Six 5-pin open-style connectors inline
  • Option to split power supply (2/4 connector configuration)
  • Bus power sense LEDs
  • Switch activated bus terminating resistor
  • Test point clips to access signals
  • Optional DIN rail mounting

PHR Series JST Wire Harnesses

PHR Series Wire Harnesses
Standard and custom length pluggable wire harnesses

Our PHR series wire harnesses are a great compact solution to meet your wiring needs. Small footprint connections (2mm/2.5mm pin spacing) paired with the convenience of a keyed connection ensure proper wiring and guarantee quick board replacements in the field. Available in multiple standard lengths and lead spacing, we're certain to have the solution for your latest application. Custom configurations available upon request!