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New Products

Profibus 4-in, 4-out 24V Discrete I/O

PDP-400 New!
Profibus DP-V0 4-in, 4-out 24V Discrete I/O

The PDP-400 provides an Profibus DP-V0 interface to control and monitor 4 general I/O points. Designed to be a drop in replacement for our existing DN-400 and EIP-400 boards, this low-cost product will provide a quick and simple Profibus interface for your I/O.

8 Port Pneumatic Manifold Valve with 24V Control

8 Port Pneumatic Manifold Valve with 24V Control

The PMV08 Pneumatic Manifold Valve converts a 24V electrical command signal to a pneumatic signal. Typically used in paint booths, the PMV08 is perfect for applications which require pneumatic control to eliminate fire and explosion hazard from the manufacturing environment.  Offering eight electronically controlled solenoid valves and an eight port manifold assembly, the PMV08 installs conveniently into a standard 3U subrack.

DeviceNet Interface for Vishay High Tension System

DN-HV500 New!
DeviceNet Interface for Vishay High Tension System

The DN-HV500 is a compact low cost DeviceNet network interface to the Vishay High Tension System controller.  This module replaces expensive modular or rack I/O subsystems with a solution optimized for the Vishay system.


Telnet based DeviceNet Master Emulator and Network Monitor

DeviceNet Master Emulator

CDMEM is a low cost DeviceNet development software tool that is designed to run on our newest development platform,  the DeviceGate.  This software is loaded onto the DeviceGate and is easy to reach from any type of computer that can utilize telnet connections.

Ethernet-to-DeviceNet Interface

DeviceGate NEW!
Ethernet-to-DeviceNet Interface

The DeviceGate DN-E100 is a low-cost Ethernet-to-DeviceNet interface containing an integrated TCP/IP stack with a web server. A DeviceNet emulator application (including all of the capabilities of our already popular DN-MEM) is included standard with the DN-E100 and can be conveniently controlled using any standard web browser.