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Development Tools

Ethernet-to-DeviceNet Interface

The DN-E100 is an Ethernet to DeviceNet interface designed as a programmable base for additional applications. It is a single chip PC with a DOS-like file system. Including such features as the ability to connect to any computer (desktop, laptop, etc.) with any OS, the use of time stamps, and an established interface for custom applications, the DN-E100 is an obvious upgrade for any current DN-MEM users. The DN-E100 is an ideal hardware platform for developing any number of custom cross-platform devices. Future applications planned for the DN-E100 include an interface to ODVA's official Conformance Test software as well as configuration and diagnostics features.

The DN-E100 also contains a built in web server with a TCP/IP stack. DeviceNet data can be exchanged using HTML and XML protocols. This feature permits customizable, cross-platform user interfaces using such standard languages as JavaScript, Visual Basic, and Visual C++ among others to generate custom interfaces or enhance the existing standard web browser interface. All applications are stored in flash memory and can be uploaded using our user-friendly DGTools (included) or any standard FTP protocol. An integrated FTP server allows for the uploading of future and custom applications over any Ethernet connection. Your own custom applications can easily be added to the DN-E100 or we can develop user-specific applications available upon request.

The DN-EMU Emulator software application, a general-purpose tool for developing and debugging DeviceNet nodes, comes pre-installed in the DN-E100. The Emulator monitors DeviceNet bus traffic, accommodates time stamps, and generates messages for configuring or testing nodes on the bus.

A serial port is also available, increasing the scope of possible applications. This port will be initially used for system maintenance, such as the updating of the BIOS. The serial port can support other diverse uses in future applications including PPP dial-up via a phone modem, connection to wireless modem, and many other various RS-232 data gathering devices.


  • A standard 80186 processor with 256kB of flash memory
  • Ethernet connection with Ethernet Traffic LED (Now 10/100Mb capable!)
  • Active Serial port
  • Integrated FTP and HTTP servers
  • Configurable IP addressing
  • DeviceNet bus powered (11-25VDC)
  • DeviceNet communications at 125k, 250k, and 500k
  • Diagnostic LED's for Network and Module Status
  • DeviceNet Conformance Test interface included!
  • No PC software installations required
  • Data exchange using HTML and XML protocols
  • The DN-EMU pre-installed standard
  • A low cost, highly customizable hardware platform
  • Compact 5.25" x 3.331" x 1.25" housing with mounting


  • DeviceNet Master Emulator (DN-EMU) (Pre-Installed)
  • Console DeviceNet Master Emulator (CDMEM) A full featured DeviceNet Master Emulator,  with support for scripting and is accessible through telnet. (Requires an Additional Purchase)
  • DeviceNet Conformance Test interface [PC app] [DeviceGate app] [Documentation]

DeviceGate Example Applications


Ethernet-to-DeviceNet Interface