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Development Tools

DeviceGate DN-EMU
DeviceNet Master Emulator II

The DN-EMU Emulator software application, a general-purpose tool for developing and debugging DeviceNet nodes, comes pre-installed in DeviceGate. The Emulator monitors DeviceNet bus traffic, accommodates time stamps, and generates messages for configuring or testing nodes on the bus. The DN-EMU is ideal for developers of DeviceNet products interested in testing their devices.

The emulator application consists of a set of files that resides in flash memory on the DN-E100. A combination of executable code, JavaScript, and HTML is used to define the user interface allowing for a highly dynamic and customizable interface. Any user familiar with HTML and JavaScript will be able to add custom features easily.


  • Pre-defined buttons (e.g. Allocate, Release, Get, & Set)
  • Detailed message builder
  • Supports Explicit, Poll, Strobe, Change Of State, and Cyclic connections 
  • Traffic monitor with buffer capture capabilities 
  • Highly customizable interface with several examples 
  • 19 default functions for quick custom button definition 
  • Allows time stamp functionality 
  • Compatible with any current, standard web browser 
  • No software is required once configured 
  • Detailed Documentation for advanced users
Browser based DeviceNet Master Emulator and Traffic Monitor