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Development Tools

Ethernet-to-DeviceNet Interface

DeviceGate NEW!
Ethernet-to-DeviceNet Interface

The DeviceGate DN-E100 is a low-cost Ethernet-to-DeviceNet interface containing an integrated TCP/IP stack with a web server. A DeviceNet emulator application (including all of the capabilities of our already popular DN-MEM) is included standard with the DN-E100 and can be conveniently controlled using any standard web browser. 

DeviceNet Accessories - Connectors, Tap, Labels

Connectors & Accessories
Connectors, Taps, Labels, and more

Huron Net Works’ offers a variety of low cost custom physical media components ranging from a DeviceNet open-style connector tap to custom mini connector assemblies and labeling.

Compact RS232 to 5V Serial Convertor

Compact RS232 to 5V Serial Convertor

Perfect for programming applications, the DN-PROG1 provides a quick conversion from RS232 to 5V serial in a compact footprint. Includes a switch to toggle a PSEN signal and the necessary cabling to connect directly to you laptop, the DN-PROG1 is a portable solution for convenient code updates in the field or the lab.

Telnet based DeviceNet Master Emulator and Network Monitor

DeviceNet Master Emulator

CDMEM is a low cost DeviceNet development software tool that is designed to run on our newest development platform,  the DeviceGate.  This software is loaded onto the DeviceGate and is easy to reach from any type of computer that can utilize telnet connections.

DeviceNet Master Emulator II

DeviceNet Master Emulator II

The DN-EMU Emulator software application, a general-purpose tool for developing and debugging DeviceNet nodes, comes pre-installed in DeviceGate. The Emulator monitors DeviceNet bus traffic, accommodates time stamps, and generates messages for configuring or testing nodes on the bus. The DN-EMU is ideal for developers of DeviceNet products interested in testing their devices.

DeviceNet DeviceNet Made to Order I/O

DeviceNet Made to Order I/O

Huron Net Works specializes in custom DeviceNet I/O. We can bring DeviceNet capability, optimized for your specific requirements, to your products. We have provided instant network-capable product lines for major industrial control suppliers providing systems for material handling, material pull, automatic paint spray, robotic welding, motor control, and quality assurance.  We will support your engineering and production teams from concept through production.

DeviceNet Interface Card

DeviceNet PC Interface Card

The DN-PC2 has been discontinued and replaced by the DeviceGate.  Documentation can still be found at the link above and support is still offered.