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Serial Products

DN-410 Series
DeviceNet ASCII Serial I/O

Huron Net Works’ DN-410 series products provide a low cost solution for connecting to serial data over DeviceNet. The DN-410 uses Huron Net Works’ DeviceNet Serial Link Interface Protocol (DN-SLIP) to allow point-to-point communication between serial I/O and DeviceNet. The DN-410 is available in two sizes, the standard sized DN-400 (60mm x 68mm) or the reduced sized DN-400-0.5 (38.1mm x 63.5mm). Conveniently configurable using any EDS capable configuration tool and available in two form factors, the DN-410 series fits neatly into any application.


  • Point-to-point communication between serial I/O and DeviceNet
  • Communication uses established DN-SLIP protocol
  • Standard RS-232 serial interconnection
  • Two form factors and two connector options currently available
    • Small form factor has dual inline footprint
  • Multiple power options available
  • Group 2 Only Server with non-volatile storage of network parameters
  • Plug-in headers and mating 114mm pigtail harnesses for serial I/O, output power, and network connections
  • Group 2 Only Server with non-volatile storage of network parameters
  • Supports Explicit, Polled, Cyclic and Change-of-State I/O Connections
  • Diagnostic LED's for Network and Module Status
  • Node address and baudrate set by DIP switch or over the network
  • Custom versions available upon request

Current Applications:

  • Water saver valves
  • Flow meters
  • Torque monitors, qualifiers
  • RF generators
  • LED marquee displays
  • Motor control

DeviceNet Features:

Device Type: Generic
Explicit Peer to Peer Messaging : N
I/O Peer to Peer Messaging: N
Configuration Consistency Value: N
Faulted Node Recovery: N
Baud Rates: 125K, 250K, 500K
Master/Scanner: N
I/O Slave Messaging:  
    Bit Strobe N
    Polling Y
    Cyclic Y
    Change of State (COS) Y
Configuration Method: EDS

DN-410-0.5 | DeviceNet ASCII Serial I/O

DN-410 | DeviceNet ASCII Serial I/O