Huron Net Works / Rockwell Automation
DeviceNet Developer's Training

Our DeviceNet training course includes two days of intense lecture and hands-on training, manuals and material, with follow-up support. Each training system consists of a DeviceNet monitor (PC based) and an experimental slave device.  Feel free to bring a device of your own.

Course Date Location
Sept 16th-17th, 2009   Ann Arbor, Michigan  

After you have attended our DeviceNet Training you will:

  • Understand device profiles and how to write them.
  • Understand the terms and models used in the DeviceNet specification.
  • Be familiar with the DeviceNet slave example code.
  • Know how the CAN messages are constructed and what their contents mean.
  • Be familiar with hardware design options and aspects.
  • Know how to make changes to the slave example code particular to your applications.

Huron Net Works and Rockwell Automation have joined together to provide you with the best DeviceNet Training available.

  • Members of the original DeviceNet Development team will be teaching this course.
  • We design and develop hardware and software products for DeviceNet, and DeviceNet products for other companies.
  • Huron Net Works provided the official ODVA DeviceNet Developers Training for many years.
  • Our instructor has chaired and participated heavily in multiple DeviceNet SIGs.
  • HNW is a preferred provider of contract service to Rockwell Automation
  • We provide a full spectrum of products and services for DeviceNet related products.
  • We're exited that you are interested in our complete DeviceNet Training Course. We are confident you will be pleased with the results of the class. We look forward to meeting you and working closely with you as you participate in the DeviceNet Training.

Overview of the main DeviceNet Training topics covered:

  • Review of CAN (Controller Area Network).
  • Review of the DeviceNet Specifications.
  • Current developments in the market.
  • Hands on experiment involving explicit and I/O message encoding and decoding.
  • Experiments allocating, using and releasing polled I/O, bit-strobed I/O and explicit messaging connections.
  • Walk through of slave example code.
  • Programming exercises.
  • Discussion of hardware design options for various ÁP/CAN controller combinations.

Our low tuition of only $995.00 makes Huron Net Works/Rockwell Automation training of the highest quality available at an affordable price. Payment can be handled with a Company Purchase Order, Company Check, or Credit Card.

All classes will be held at HNW facilities or a local hotel in Ann Arbor, Michigan. To reserve a seat in the class of your choice, you must complete the online registration form no later than two (2) weeks prior to the training class.

Class size is limited and seats are reserved on a first come first serve basis. If you or someone you know in your company is serious about DeviceNet, enroll for this training today, it's the best DeviceNet Training offered!

For more information on these training classes, call Mary Romack at Huron Net Works at (734) 995-2637 or

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